It’s been almost 5 years since I traveled to Budapest.

Back in 2013 when my boyfriend (now husband) suggested it as one of the stops for a multi city Europe vacation I was planning I was like whattttt??? Budapest? Where is that and why do we want to go? Long story short, it’s in Hungary and that is where his family is from.

What I didn’t realize is that I would be exploring one of the most underrated cities with amazing medieval architecture, cool Turkish baths and several historic bridges. OH & they have a love for goulash and paprika… 2 things I am not a fan of to be honest but if that’s your thing – go for it.

Here are 12 photos that will make you want to visit Budapest:

  1. Hungarian Parliament Building – how stunning is this structure?


PC: @krenn_imre

2. Not too shabby at night either….

B1 PC: @ion_gondobescu

3. Thermal Baths! While there are many around the city, The Széchenyi Bath is one of the most popular ones.


PC: flickr

4. Gelato Rose?! YES, please.


PC: @zohar_shushan

5. In a city filled with history, the Shoes on the Danube is one of the most moving memorials in Europe.


PC: flickr

6. Ride in style while visiting Margaret Island.


PC: @pearls_and_paris

7. The Fisherman’s Bastion is one of my favorite spots in Budapest. You get the absolute BEST panoramic view across the Danube, Margaret Island and Pest!


PC: flickr

8. Hop on the Buda Castle Hill Funicular to give your feet a break and for this view.


PC: flickr 

9. What’s better than a pedicure? A Fish pedicure.


PC: @pearls_and_paris

10. On one of our last nights in town, we stopped into Buddha-Bar randomly for a drink. They had a private event going on and we were invited to join in on the fun! The atomsphere in this place is amazing. Stop in for delicious food, yummy drinks and great music.


PC: @krenn_imre

11. One of my favorite phrases is “Always make sure you look up” – the Budapest Opera House is the perfect example why.


PC: @krenn_imre

12. New York Café – The most beautiful cafe in the world. 


PC: New York Café


Hi everyone!!! I’ve returned from my Europe vacation 🙂

While the Jet Lag is settling in, I am beyond excited to be home and to write up a detailed post about my adventures and share many photos with you all in the next few weeks. Upon my return home, I was surprised with a gift pack from KISS for my participation in the Influenster challenge and since I own many products from them, I plan to do a giveaway for you guys so they don’t go to waste sitting on my dinning room table.

stay tuned



Today is the day I leave for my Europe vacation 🙂

I am flying to Budapest for a few days where I will then take an overnight train to Prague and end my journey in Berlin.







I am beyond excited to see all the beautiful sights and take in the rich culture and history each city has.

Throughout that time I will not be able to post much but I will share all of my adventures with you upon my return.

I have my passport (& ruby red nails) ready & I’m all set to go 🙂



ahhhhhh, this photo describes me perfectly!

I wish I could do it more often but traveling can be very expensive, even though I’m pretty sure I could plan any trip within a reasonable budget. I try to take at least 1 good trip a year. Last year I went to Europe in May. We found a cruise from Barcelona that was priced really cheap – I mean like 5 days under $300 a person cheap! We got to stay a total of 2 days in Barcelona and spent one day each in Cannes, Pisa/Florence & Rome. It was the most amazing trip I have ever been on and I am totally in LOVE with Italy because of it and feel the exact opposite of Cannes after spending a few hours there lol

I don’t think words can ever truly describe the experience traveling gives you.

This is the plan for our September 2013 trip:


Budapest –> Prague –> Berlin

(maybe with a quick stop in Dresden)

We will take trains in between each city and we will do it all in a total of 11 days!

We basically planned this trip ending in Berlin so we can partake in some Oktoberfest activities! 🙂

Any suggestions for hotel/restaurant recommendations and must see’s?