Black Friday is approaching and while that means scooping up the newest Lego set, TV or gaming system for some – I, as well as many other Wanderlusters, are anxiously waiting to find out if their will be any good travel deals.


While traveling is amazing and I highly encourage it for EVERYONE – it can be pricey, so I am always on the look out for great flight specials. Last year I scored a stay via Expedia‘s Cyber Monday sale at the amazing Condado Vanderbilt Hotel in San Juan for 1/2 price and was able to use a $75 off Thanksgiving coupon on top of that by booking through their app.

This year it looks as Black Friday/Cyber Monday came early. Thanks to Secret Flying I was informed about a MAJOR flight sale between the US & Europe. I’m talking Round Trip flights for $400-$500 to multiple European destinations!

Check about Secret Flying’s article HERE and then go search the airlines website directly! (Delta, AA etc.)

Just an FYI: it seems as United as jumped on the bandwagon because I just scored a non stop RT flight from Newark to my beloved Paris for $418! This same flight was over $700 just a few days ago and normally that flight would be about $1,000.

If you take advantage of this sale, let me know where you booked and if you need any recommendations on where you should head to – shoot me an e-mail.


Barcelona is where my love affair with Europe began.

I remember my excitement from the time I planned and booked everything to stepping foot off the plane. There’s something so liberating about your first international trip. You tend to want to learn more about everything you’re seeing and know the history of it all. Till this day, I carry that desire to learn and see it all during my travels.

I actually took a cruise while in Barcelona (more about that in a later post) so I stood at 2 separate hotels, one prior to my cruise and then one when I returned and we also mixed up price points by doing a budget and then a luxury hotel. Even though they were opposite, we had incredible experiences at both and I highly recommend them.

Check them out — Hotel Curious // Hotel 1898

There is no shortage of great restaurants in this vibrant city but if I had to chose one to recommend, I would say book (far in advance) a reservation at Tickets Bar. I can’t really put into words the experience you get from this place. The food is literally a work of art. I promise you that your dining experience here will be the best visual and delicious 2 hours ever! Click HERE to see my review on TripAdvisor.

While in Barcelona you will want to see it all. I highly recommend focusing on Guadi. The Sagrada Familia is an absolute MUST! Do not leave Barcelona without going inside of this masterpiece. Park Guell is another major Guadi work that is not to be missed. Explore Las Ramblas, La Boqueria, the Magic Fountain, eat tapas until you can’t walk, drink a ton of wine and just get lost (while keeping alert because those pickpocketers are no joke in Barcelona) – sometimes you discover the most amazing things by just walking around town and exploring.

Here’s a look at my trip through my photos:



IMG_2611 IMG_2595 IMG_2589

IMG_2658 IMG_2656 IMG_2653 IMG_2637 IMG_2623





IMG_2711 IMG_2736 IMG_2746




IMG_3521 IMG_3543


IMG_3575 IMG_3606




If you have any specific questions – feel free to send me an email //


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Happy Shopping! xo


ahhhhhh, this photo describes me perfectly!

I wish I could do it more often but traveling can be very expensive, even though I’m pretty sure I could plan any trip within a reasonable budget. I try to take at least 1 good trip a year. Last year I went to Europe in May. We found a cruise from Barcelona that was priced really cheap – I mean like 5 days under $300 a person cheap! We got to stay a total of 2 days in Barcelona and spent one day each in Cannes, Pisa/Florence & Rome. It was the most amazing trip I have ever been on and I am totally in LOVE with Italy because of it and feel the exact opposite of Cannes after spending a few hours there lol

I don’t think words can ever truly describe the experience traveling gives you.

This is the plan for our September 2013 trip:


Budapest –> Prague –> Berlin

(maybe with a quick stop in Dresden)

We will take trains in between each city and we will do it all in a total of 11 days!

We basically planned this trip ending in Berlin so we can partake in some Oktoberfest activities! 🙂

Any suggestions for hotel/restaurant recommendations and must see’s?


Arch of Constantine

beautiful view of The Arch of Constantine through the Colosseum ♥

Personal Photograph By S.M