Dorm Room STYLE with Pottery Barn

Now that I’m almost 30 [ yikes! ] I look back at my college days & reminisce on all the good times I had. One of my favorite things to do was to head back to campus at night and just hang out with some of my girlfriends in their dorm room. Since I went to college locally, I never got to experience Dorm Life for myself but I remember being envious of everyone who stood on campus & those awesome rooms they got to decorate before the semester started.

Dorm Life is all about meeting new people and creating new friendships. How your dorm looks is the first impression these new friends get of you. Since I never had the opportunity to decorate my own Dorm Room, I have teamed up with Pottery Barn Dorm to create my dream Dorm Room.



Hibiscus Quilt + Sham

I am in love with this set! It’s colorful, girly & fun.

Lounge Seating:


Deep Pink Fur-rific Beanbag

Most dorm rooms come equipped with a standard wood table & chair so I chose a beanbag for extra seating because it was cute, fuzzy & comfy!



Chandelier / Scallop Chandelier Shade


Scallop Floor Lamp Shade

I chose these two different styles for lighting because I thought they would bring a little glam to the room. The chandelier is super chic but since it is made from cotton & contains acrylic beads it is still casual enough to fit the atmosphere of the room.

Additional Decor:


Wooden Desk Accessories


Vintage Picture Frame Decals


Vintage Frame Dry-Erase Calendar Decal


Roommate Door Sign Decal

Decals work best when it comes to dorm decorating because they aren’t permanent [ no messy clean up when the semester is over ] yet are still fab!

Storage & Laundry:


Laundry And Storage Set

I love this set! It comes with a pop up hamper & 3 underbed storage bins. Storage & space for all your clothes is always an issue in the dorm rooms since there is limited space so this is perfect for keeping additional items you need tucked away.

PBDorm makes me wish I was back in college! They offer an exclusive collection of dorm furnishings and essentials including: bedding, seating, lighting and other accessories designed to help teens turn their dorm room into their ultimate home away from home. PBdorm addresses all of your needs in a range of categories such as: sleep, study, lounge, decorate, organize and shower. PBdorm offers smart storage solutions and unique ways to personalize your space, including decals and murals that are designed to hang with no nails or tools required. PBdorm focuses on providing dorm solutions such as multi-functional products and space-saving items, helping teens make the most of their limited dorm room space.

Have you checked out PBDorm? If so – what are your favorite pieces?? I love that the pieces don’t limit you to only decorating a college space but can also look great in an adult room or extra sitting area.

[ Thanks to Pottery Barn Dorm for sponsoring today’s discussion. ]

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