Bronzing, Highlighting & Contouring

Beginner’s Guide to Bronzing, Highlighting & Contouring

Here’s a quick video by Beauty Expert, Nur, from HSN to show you the theory behind Bronzing, Highlighting & Contouring as well as how & where to apply them.

As she first stated – these tricks can be a blessing or curse. It is all about how they are applied since they should ultimately enhance your features & add dimension.

 1. Use Contouring to create shadows.

Done right – this can give the illusion of a slimmer face/nose & it will emphasize the cheekbones.

2. Highlight what you want to lift.

This can brighten your eyes & lift areas around your mouth & brow bone. I also love using a cream highlighter on my collar bones.

3. Bronze for a sun kissed look.

I personally prefer bronzer with a hint of shimmer but even a matte bronzer can liven up your skin. Just be careful to choose the right shade & not to apply too much.


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