With Spring right around the corner, I am trying to prepare my home for this upcoming allergy season. I took a trip to my local drugstore to pick up some allergy pills, new cleaning products and some tissues. While walking down the home aisle I came across an awesome display of Kleenex tissue boxes. These weren’t your average boxes though, they consisted of different shapes and the prints were so bold, fun and classy.

To celebrate their 90th anniversary, Kleenex is bringing you another innovative first:

The Kleenex® Style Studio

Did you ever think that you would be able to add decor to your home with a tissue box?? I usually dislike the styles and colors of them so they stay tucked away under the sink or in a draw but not anymore. Check out how The Kleenex Style Studio added some style to my spaces:

The Bathroom



Instead of being an eye sore, this box with the Daffodil Blooms design blended perfectly to my decor.


The Den

This space is used frequently when we have visitors. All the kids flock to this area to watch tv or play games and so having a box of tissues nearby is a must!




Can you believe how stylish these designs are? Click HERE to see all the designs they offer as well as some new shapes for the boxes and their super cute slim packs which are the perfect size to slip in to your purse when on the go.

slim packs

Think you know style?

Visit the Kleenex Style finder to see which style suits you best!


This article was sponsored by Kleenex, all opinions expressed are of my own.