I’ve been seeing the Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers in the grocery store lately and have been so interested in trying them so I picked up a few last week.

1 word — AMAZING.

I love the whole no blender concept!

There are currently 4 flavors: Mixed Berry, Peach Mango, Strawberry & Strawberry Banana. Each serving prepared with 7 oz of juice is under 200 calories and they have a ton of other benefits. They are made with all natural fruit, low in fat, rich in dietary fiber, and are a great source of calcium and Vitamin C.

Dole Shakers



Remove your Dole shaker from the freezer, when you open the lid you will see colorful frozen fruit and yogurt pieces. It’s important to remember to let it sit out for a little so the frozen pieces can defrost. If not – you will get clumps of frozen fruit and yogurt in your smoothie (yuck!) Once defrosted, pour your juice of choice up to the Fill Zone. Close the lid and shake, shake, shake for about 45 seconds. That’s it – super easy and quick and you  have a delicious smoothie at hand. This is perfect for mornings when you are on the go or just need an afternoon pick me up. I love that with the 4 flavors you really have so many varieties of smoothies just by different juices. They can be purchased at your local grocery market and retail for about $2.99 each but they always have a sale on them so I usually get them for about $1.50 each.

Have you tried the Smoothie Shakers ? If so – what do you think about them?

November 1st .

That is the last time I made it into my gym – terrible… I know.

Somehow I took this 2 month hiatus without really realizing so much time had gone by. My work pants are fitting a little more snug than usual and I definitely have less energy throughout the day so today is the day I make my return.

With my  return to working out, I wanted to share one of my favorite 15 minute workouts with you. Everyone’s schedule is different and you can’t always make it to the park for a jog or the gym for a class and so this is the perfect alternative.

total body

4 simple moves…  2-3 sets of 12-15 reps each…  15 minutes or less & you’re done with a Total Body Workout!

If you do not have dumbbells – get creative! Use canned vegetables or bottled water. I also do not have an exercise bench so I use my ottoman or a chair.

Do this workout a few times a week and in a few weeks you will really notice the difference, especially in your arms.

To view & print the full work out from Women’s Health click HERE

If you stick to this routine – let me know how it works out for you 🙂