Mark Romanek directed all 6 hours of Jay Z’s LIVE “Art Performance” of Picasso Baby at the Chelsea Pace Gallery in July and transformed it into this amazing 10 minute short film. I think the whole concept of turning a track into this performance piece is iconic and is something that is not frequently done in the Hip Hop culture. Some say it’s him selling out others think the song in general portrays him as arrogant and pompous. I personally think this vide shows a whole different side of Jay Z that not many people may see and I can only imagine how enjoyable it was to be a part of something like this. The gallery was open to all and through out this 6 hour performance Jay Z interacted directed with the crowd. Many of the people featured in the video were regular people who were picked from the crowd after being asked by him If anyone had any special talents.

What do you think about this video?