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I’ve been lusting over ‘Watch Me Simmer’ for so long now. It was a part of the February ’12 CookMAC Special Edition Collection and is long gone from the stores now. I finally found it on Ebay for only slightly higher than retail (which is $14.50) and I knew I had to get it!

Watch Me Simmer is a bright & spicy coral shade with a pink undertone and has a super pigmented finish. It’s the perfect summer shade but I think it’ll transition well into the colder months since it will bring a pop of color to an all black outfit. It’s also very creamy but I still suggest to moisturize before applying.


Photo on Left: shade in normal indoor lighting

Photo on Right: shade in a brighter light setting


Excuse the undereye bags… it was a long day at work!


What do you think about this color? My only con with this shade is, if you over apply – your lips will literally glow in the dark by how neon it can be….. therefore, apply with caution!

As with all special edition shades at MAC, once they are gone – good luck trying to find it again. So I did some research and I found a perfect dupe that also is a lot more affordable.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Shocking Coral

Retail: $7.49


Lana Del Rey vs Cedric Gervais – ‘Summertime Sadness’ Remix

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Sephora has always been my GO TO store when it comes to makeup due to the variety of products and brands they carry. They have an awesome Beauty Insider program as well! Basically, you get 1 point for every dollar you spend in the store which then can be redeemed for special reward gifts. You have your option of 100 point and 500 point gifts and they occasionally throw in a special 250 point gift. I don’t use my points often as I rather save them up until they offer something I love…. and they finally have!

The Summer Lovin’ Set

Summer Lovin1

The Summer Lovin’ set is a 500 point reward and includes the following:

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss #11 Shiny Pin-up Pink (0.1 oz)
Outrageous Volume Mascara – Ultra Black (0.06 oz)
Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist (1.5 oz)
Instant Moisturizer (0.5 oz)

All these products are the Sephora brand and since this kit included some of my favorite items – I had to pick it up! The lip gloss is very long-lasting and actually very pigmented and the instant moisturizer is one of my favorites to date. A little goes a long way and I think that’s important in a face moisturizer. The mascara in this kit is not one of my favorites, mainly because I am not a big fan of that type of brush but I will be giving it a few tries before disregarding. The self-tanning body mist has excellent reviews on the Sephora website and when my tan starts to fade, I will definitely be testing it out.

Summer Lovin2

Do you shop at Sephora and belong to the Beauty Insider program? What have been some of your favorite rewards?