She might be humble about her striking looks, red-carpet chops, and to-die-for body, but when it comes to her career skills, Jessica Alba is willing to brag. As founder of The Honest Company, a brand of nontoxic household, health care, and beauty products, Alba has built an exhaustive resource that educates consumers, especially young moms, on their natural-product choices. Launched just two years ago, the company has already created more than 85 products sold in 2,500-plus stores and online, with sales of over $60 million. In other words, this isn’t some Hollywood A-list vanity project; the Honest Company, says Alba, is a “legacy” that she hopes to leave her daughters, Honor, six, and Haven, three. Meanwhile, her movie career is also in high gear, with this past summer’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For the most recent on her long list of big-screen moments. She opens up to Glam Belleza Latina about her Mexican American roots, her beauty philosophies, and her love of mariachi music.


PC: Sebastian Kim

Jessica on the differences between her business and her movie career…

“Having a company that’s making the world a better place is a life calling. Performing has also been a life calling, but they’re so different. It takes a completely different side of my brain to do one versus the other. But I’m truly very proud of The Honest Company.”


Jessica on her process for getting red-carpet ready…

“[W]e start with what I’m wearing, and we go from there. I don’t like my skin to look overly done. But I still love to play with makeup. I love a smoky eye or a cool colored eyeliner. I just don’t do all of it at once!”


Jessica on the beauty lessons she learned from the women in her life…

“My grandma, whom I grew up with and who helped raise me with my mom, loved aloe vera. If anything was wrong, she’d break her aloe vera plant and rub it all over.”


Jessica on the importance of race to her identity…

“It’s always been the same. I’ve always felt closer to being a Latina than anything else, because I grew up with my dad’s family, who are Mexican American. I never really identified any other way. But I think that today it’s less and less about having to identify with one race and holding on to that completely. I mean, my kids are African-American and Caucasian on their dad’s side, and Latino and Caucasian on my side.”


Jessica on the Latinas she admired when she was growing up…

“I grew up in Southern California, where Latin culture is just everywhere. I mean, I still love mariachi music! I looked up to Jennifer Lopez. She is someone who broke through barriers, a powerhouse. You know: I could be a dancer, singer, actress, entrepreneur—I can do all of it. And Daisy Fuentes too. What she did with her platform was incredible. It took the rest of the country a second to catch up to Latinas in the United States being mainstream.”

Playing wardrobe bingo to create unique ensembles

Fall 2014 is upon us, and the last of this year’s fashion seasons is soon to commence as weather starts to get chilly. However, before the Ralph Laurens, Donatella Versaces, and Michael Cincos of the world can unleash their fierce creativity on all of us, you can actually stage a pre-season designer session mock-up; and all it takes is a game of bingo to get things going.

While bingo may not seem like much to some people, the beauty of the game is that it’s highly customizable to fit virtually any theme or objective. There’s coffee shop bingo which has been making the rounds since its inaugural start in Seattle a couple of years back, and the popularity of the game has even made it so Iceland Foods in the UK has released Iceland Bingo, where players compete for discount vouchers that they can use in Iceland shops. There’s also music bingo which substitutes bingo balls with songs for some Name That Tune-style daubing; and for our purposes, there’s wardrobe bingo.

Initiated by online clothing retailer last year, wardrobe bingo is a fun way to come up with fashion combos which you otherwise might not have thought about. It requires you to get five items each of tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories; i.e. the four basic wardrobe groups. You then label each item from 1 to 5, and in true bingo fashion, randomly draw numbers to create some wild mix-and-match ensembles. You can then take pictures of them and upload them online if you want to.

As stated, bingo is all about customization, and you can up the ante of your wardrobe bingo sessions by incorporating more variables such as going strictly high-end, opting for futuristic fashion-forward pieces, increasing the number of groupings, and whatnot. It all boils down to how creative you can get with the concept.

When it comes to shopping, I love going with statement pieces that are versatile. What is better than getting an awesome dress that you can take from day to night and from casual to glam?
Teaming up with ModCloth, I have decided to put together a day & night outfit around ModCloth’s The Story of Citrus Dress in Noir Blosson.
This is one of my favorite dresses currently on the site. It is extremely feminine and flattering on all sizes and shapes. I also love the neckline.
Uniquely You
On the left you have a sophisticated twist with Mary Jane heels, a long layered cardigan
and the most gorgeous post clutch.
On the right you have a casual but fun outfit. I paired the dress with rocker chic booties,
a draped cropped jacket and a chestnut boho fringe bag.
Here are a few other options from ModCloth that you can take from Day to Night.

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With Fall in full swing, I wanted to share two of my favorite trends for this season!

Riding Boots


12brown riding boots women , brown boots, women boots

I’m a sucker for a great riding boot. You can dress this trend up or keep it super casual. They also go with everything – leggings, jeans or a dress.

Oversized Sweaters

oversized sweater

PC: Scribble n Dash

Oversized sweaters is my go to when the weather is started to get cooler. They look great with denim, leggings and even double as a dress with cute stockings.

Another one of my favorite things which is IN all year round – chocolate!!!!


Lindt HELLO, the hip, trendy brand in premium chocolate, is a new collection from Lindt of sinfully delicious premium chocolate inspired by classic American treats.

Say “hello” to the enticing flavors, of the Lindt HELLO collection:

Caramel Brownie: Discover the irresistible combination of smooth milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel brownie filling

Strawberry Cheesecake: Satisfy your cheesecake craving with rich milk chocolate and a light, fluffy strawberry cream cheese filling.

Crunchy Nougat: Smooth milk chocolate,– now that’s yummy!

Cookies & Cream: Chocolate, cookies – and a crunch!  Savor a chocolaty experience like no other, with chocolate chip cookie pieces and cream filling.

The Lindt HELLO comes in 3 different ways – sticks, bars & mini stick bags.

They are so delicious and have a richness to them that I have not gotten with other chocolates. The Caramel Brownie is my favorite!


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“It’s a lot easier to recreate than you think,” explains guest contributor Steph Brinkerhoff. “It’s best to start on wavy or second-day hair to give the look added texture. It also doesn’t hurt to spray a little hairspray or spray wax in it beforehand to add a little grip and grunge. Here’s how to get the look…”

1. Beginning on wavy hair, take a medium to large section (depending on how thick your hair is) close to your right ear.
2. Braid the section going from the front to the back.
3. Repeat on the opposite side.
4. Bring both braids to the back and secure them with an elastic.
5. Loosen and mess up both braids by pulling on them gently with your fingers.
6. Take one braid and wrap it up and around itself, creating a small braided bun.
7. Secure with bobby pins.

Click HERE for even more cool hair tips and ideas!