I loved this month’s box!

Must Have Fashion: Spa Wrap in White by Brokedown

Must Have Fashion: Purple Thong by Hanky Panky

Must Have Food: Mariebelle New York’s Trésor Box

Must Have Beauty: Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain by Revlon

Must Gave Entertainment: Safe Haven Book & Song Download

Must Have Home: Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleanse

Special Extra: Conversation Hearts Candy


Here’s a breakdown of this month’s goodies!


I’m more of a romantic- comedy type of girl but I’ve heard GREAT things about this film and I am one of those people who feel like the book is usual better than the movie so I’m happy I received this. Plus, you can always use a good new read.


I’m all about costume jewelry, so I rarely find myself needing a cleanser for my items but when they need a touch up – stuff like this makes them shine like new!


Underwear & Lipgloss…. 2 of my favorite things.

I love the material of the Hanky Panky undies and Revlon’s Just Bitten has amazing pigment – if you haven’t tried it…. I suggest you do.


I have a big sweet tooth so I always appreciate any sweets or candy that is included in the box. The Trésor Box pearls can be eaten right from the box or add them as a topping to your favorite ice cream for a special treat.


This was my favorite item in the box and it’s launching was exclusively in the POPSUGAR February Must Have Box . The wrap is SO soft and it’s perfect to throw on while getting ready for the day or night. Retailing at $84 it is a little pricey but use code: MustHave30 on their website for 30% off your purchase.

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Aspirin is commonly used to cure minor aches and pains as well as to reduce fever but can it be used for your skin? A few weeks ago while running errands with one of my best friends I noticed her makeup-less skin glowing and she filled me in on what she had been using [ Thanks MS 🙂 ]

Aspirin! Yup, that’s right! She had been making a face mask with aspirin. I did some research online and there are tons of different websites that show how to make this mask. I’ve been testing it out for 2 weeks and I loved the way it was making my skin look and feel so I wanted to share it with you guys.

**If you are allergic to Aspirin, do not attempt this mask.

I started off by using 7 non coated aspirin tablets – the brand makes no difference so if you can pick them up at the $1 store, go for it! You can use less tablets but I wanted to coat my entire face.


Aspirin dissolves so easily that there’s no need to actually crush the tablets as a lot of the sites mentioned. Start off with throwing a few drops of water right on the tablets.


Use your finger to loosen the wet Aspirin up and apply more water as needed until the Aspirin looks like a paste.


Now just use your fingers and apply it to your desired area

(face, neck, chest etc.)


In about 10 minutes the mask is completely dry and you will start to notice the aspirin flaking  – Wash the mask off. I always follow up with wiping down my face with Astringent for Sensitive Skin.

Aspirin contains salicylic acid which acts like a chemical peel, it shrinks pores and keeps them unclogged which is great to cure acne and is known as a anti aging ingredient. Salicylic Acid can be drying so you shouldn’t use it everyday and make sure to moisturize. Also, Aspirin has been known to thin blood – so I personally wouldn’t do this mask more than twice  a week and I do not recommend sleeping overnight with it, as some other websites have mentioned.

Tip: Add a squirt of lemon to the dissolved aspirin before placing on your skin. Lemon helps with dark spots and minimizes sun damage.

Feel free to Google different versions of this mask. You will find directions for Aspirin mask that contain different ingredients such as honey, Aloe Vera and yogurt to name a few.

Have you tried this mask before? If so – what were your results?




This month’s box was filled with some fabulous items.

Must Have Fitness: Merrithew Stability Ball

Must Have Fashion: The Remix: Timebomb in Purple

Must Have Beauty: Epicuren Discovery Lip Balm

Must Have Food: Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Must Have Food: Kraft Jet-Puffed Vanilla Mallow Bits

Special Extra’s: (3) Think Thin Bars & $15 gift certificate to Casetagram


I already own a stability ball so I might gift this item. I thought it was a great addition to the box because not everyone can make it out to a gym 3 x’s a week and a stability ball routine can work your whole entire core. The number of exercises you can do on/with the ball is endless. It also included a special insert with an exclusive workout from their fitness team.


I love getting new snack-like products that are healthy for you. I have already tried the Creamy Peanut Butter for breakfast this morning and it was delicious! All the bars contain little to no sugar while being high in protein. I am most excited to try the Dark Chocolate Coconut bar.


A Hot Chocolate loverrrrs dream! I can eat these things by the handful (thank goodness this came in the same box as the stability ball lol) They taste so yummy and really bring you back to childhood. Try using them while baking for an extra sweet treat.


This was a really nice surprise. I am not a watch person but how could you not love this one?? The Remix TimeBomb watch comes in a variety of fun colors and the silicone straps are not only durable and super easy to clean but are interchangeable! There’s also a button that makes the watch flash in all different colors.


It has been 10 degrees in NJ this past week so Epicuren Discovery’s Lip Balm came at the right time. The smell is a little strong but the results are amazing. It keeps your lips soft from the harsh weather since it is made with ingredients such as tea tree oil and aloe and it also keeps them  protected from the sun since it has SPF 15.

Casetagram is the first social design platform to make cases for your phone or tablet with photos directly from Instagram, Facebook or your own personal photos. You can chose from a variety of layouts and filters to create a customized collage case. Pretty cool.


How fun is this!!! Hot Chocolate on a Stick 🙂 We were given a milk chocolate stick and dark chocolate stick and I cannot wait to test these out. The directions are simple: stir your “Hot chocolate on a Stick” in a mug of steamed milk to create your perfect mix and flavor.

Interested in trying Popsugar out for a month or longer? Click HERE and use code: REFER5 for $5 off one month!

November 1st .

That is the last time I made it into my gym – terrible… I know.

Somehow I took this 2 month hiatus without really realizing so much time had gone by. My work pants are fitting a little more snug than usual and I definitely have less energy throughout the day so today is the day I make my return.

With my  return to working out, I wanted to share one of my favorite 15 minute workouts with you. Everyone’s schedule is different and you can’t always make it to the park for a jog or the gym for a class and so this is the perfect alternative.

total body

4 simple moves…  2-3 sets of 12-15 reps each…  15 minutes or less & you’re done with a Total Body Workout!

If you do not have dumbbells – get creative! Use canned vegetables or bottled water. I also do not have an exercise bench so I use my ottoman or a chair.

Do this workout a few times a week and in a few weeks you will really notice the difference, especially in your arms.

To view & print the full work out from Women’s Health click HERE

If you stick to this routine – let me know how it works out for you 🙂