I was recently sent some sample polishes from the company Perfect Formula.This was the first time I was introduced to this company so as usual, I went and dug up some background information on the product before testing. Shari Gottesman is the Perfect Formula creator and prior to creating this line she worked in her family business for over 15 years, creating nail care and lacquer products for some of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world.


This week I decided to try out Sizzle and it truly is The Perfect Neon Color.


What is it: Take cover in color. Formulated to give nails a protective coat which temporarily adds strength, this nail lacquer also adds a gorgeous pop of shiny, vibrant color to your nails. Who is it for: This versatile formula may be used on natural or artificial nails. Why is it different: Formulated with Instant Strength Technology, the polish temporarily helps add strength and thickness to the nails. The custom-designed brush, along with the perfectly pigmented color, ensures a smooth, even application on the nails every time.

Sizzle technically is Matte but I put a top coat on because I loved the way this color looked shiny. It is the perfect summer Pink.



I’m in love.

This formula is really pigmented and with two coats my nails were colored to perfection.

What do you think? I have another Neon color I will be testing out at the end of the week.

To check out their products visit their website or QVC.

I was going through my box of nail polish last week & I came across a mini bottle of Sephora by O.P.I in this amazingly beautiful blue shade. I realized I never tested it out and since I’ve been on a pastel & blue kick lately I decided to use it for my mani. The results were beyond amazing. As I test out some shades I haven’t in awhile – I’m  totalllllly missing the Sephora by O.P.I collection & wish it never was discontinued.

Sephora by O.P.I in Havana Dreams



It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with this years Resort Collection by Essie. I particularly loveee Find Me An Oasis. For the event I attended  Saturday night my nails looked extra chic in this beautiful color and it accented my sheer leopard print cardigan perfectly.


I decided to use my Pure Ice Cosmetics nail polish in Afterhours as the main color for this weeks manicure and accent it with Essie Resort Collection ’14 in Cocktails & Coconuts.

I used both regular tape cut into strips and a nail dotting tool to obtain the designs.


1. I painted all my nails the color I liked with 2 coats each.

**Remember to let the nail fully dry, or throw some quick dry top polish to speed up the process.

2. I then took a piece of scotch tape and cut it into smaller strips.

3. Take the tape strips and create the design you would like.

4. Take your accent polish and paint the whole nail. (use 2 coats if a sheer color)

5. Wait 2 minutes, remove strips.

6. Using a dotting tool (a tooth pick & bobby pin work just as good) create a design for an accent nail.

7. Finish with a top coat.


 So easy & CHIC!

What do you think??

In my #VivaVoxBox I scored 2 gorgeous nail shades from Pure Ice Cosmetics & I put them to the test for this weeks manicure.

Main Polish: Pure Ice  Nail Polish in Afterhours

Accent Polish: Pure Ice Nail Polish in It’s Complicated

I started off with my base coat & followed it up with 2 coats of Afterhours. I then applied 2 coats of It’s Complicated towards the base of my nail.


What do you think about the colors?

This was my first time using the Pure Ice polishes and OMG – I’m in love! The brush was perfect and the formula of the polishes was excellent. Afterhours went on smooth and the color packs a big punch! One coat would have sufficed but I always do 2 coats so it was just routine. I’m really looking forward to trying out other shades in the collection.