Since I work two jobs, I am always on the look for quick but delicious meals to create. When I came across Martha Stewart’s ‘One-Pan Pasta‘, I knew this would be a home-run in the kitchen. You basically use  1 pot, put all the ingredients in to cook together and boom — dinner in under 30 minutes.


12 ounces of the pasta of your choice (1 box)

4 cups of chicken or vegetable broth

12 ounces cherry or grape tomatoes, cut in half (1.5 cups)

1 onion, sliced to your liking & as much/little as you want

4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced


Italian Seasoning

Extra-virgin olive oil

Salt & Pepper


Step 1:

Fill your pot with 4 cups of the broth of your choice. I used Chicken Broth but you can also cut the broth with water if you would like.

Step 2: 

Add all of your ingredients into the pot. Make sure your noodles are under the water. I added salt, pepper, Italian seasoning & olive oil to the pot. There is no set measurement for these, it’s all about personal preference and to taste. I added about 2 tablespoons of the olive oil.


Step 3:

Place lid on top of the pot  with the temperature at its highest heat and let the water come to a complete boil.

Step 4:

Once at a complete boil, slightly lower the temperature and remove the lid.

*Make sure to turn pasta with tongs every 2-3 minutes throughout the rest of the cooking process. Stirring too much can make the pasta mushy.


The total cook time should be about 10 -15 (until pasta is cooked and most liquid has been absorbed) Just an FYI: the water should be boiling throughout the cooking process.

….here is the finished product!



You can add some red pepper flakes in the beginning to give this dish some heat or finish it off with some grated parm. I added chicken cutlets on the side since they are my husbands favorite.

Let me know if you try this dish 🙂 Enjoy!

Simply Stylist’s Fashion & Beauty Conference returns to NY on October 25th!


Catt Sadler of E! News will be hosting the Fashion and Beauty Panel, which includes speakers such as actress & fashion blogger Jamie Chung who will be giving her expert advice on the fashion industry. This will be a real treat as Jamie Chung grabs your attention with her Keynote presentation and showcasing her fashion blog “What the Chung”. Joe Zee, Editor in Chief of Yahoo Style, will also be speaking about his dynamic career path in the publishing world. NY’s own, Hannah Bronfman, Co-founder of Beautified app, will be speaking about her entrepreneurial success alongside being an influential DJ and beauty enthusiast.

This year Simply Stylist is teaming up with an inspiring charity, The Farley Project. The Farley Project shows a perspective of bullying through the eyes of the bullied victims. The fashion industry can be very cut throat which is why Simply Stylist chose a charity that highlights kindness and to show that the fashion and beauty industry is more than a crude and callous environment

Click HERE to purchase your tickets!

Playing wardrobe bingo to create unique ensembles

Fall 2014 is upon us, and the last of this year’s fashion seasons is soon to commence as weather starts to get chilly. However, before the Ralph Laurens, Donatella Versaces, and Michael Cincos of the world can unleash their fierce creativity on all of us, you can actually stage a pre-season designer session mock-up; and all it takes is a game of bingo to get things going.

While bingo may not seem like much to some people, the beauty of the game is that it’s highly customizable to fit virtually any theme or objective. There’s coffee shop bingo which has been making the rounds since its inaugural start in Seattle a couple of years back, and the popularity of the game has even made it so Iceland Foods in the UK has released Iceland Bingo, where players compete for discount vouchers that they can use in Iceland shops. There’s also music bingo which substitutes bingo balls with songs for some Name That Tune-style daubing; and for our purposes, there’s wardrobe bingo.

Initiated by online clothing retailer last year, wardrobe bingo is a fun way to come up with fashion combos which you otherwise might not have thought about. It requires you to get five items each of tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories; i.e. the four basic wardrobe groups. You then label each item from 1 to 5, and in true bingo fashion, randomly draw numbers to create some wild mix-and-match ensembles. You can then take pictures of them and upload them online if you want to.

As stated, bingo is all about customization, and you can up the ante of your wardrobe bingo sessions by incorporating more variables such as going strictly high-end, opting for futuristic fashion-forward pieces, increasing the number of groupings, and whatnot. It all boils down to how creative you can get with the concept.

Rihanna has unveiled her 2nd Viva Glam MAC Collab & it’s making us Green with ENVY.



The lipstick is a warm mauve with silver frost & the lipgloss is a cool mauve with red frost

All of the profits from Viva Glam Rihanna II will go to helping women and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.


As women, we have so much going on, on a daily basis, that there are certain things we shouldn’t have to stress over. For instance – that time of the month. UGH. The dreaded period.

We all have our favorite pair of undies. Maybe it’s the ones that are ultra comfy or maybe it’s the one where you feel most sexy in. Either way, no one wants to have to toss their favorite pair because their feminine hygiene product isn’t doing its job. This is why we need to come together and help Save the Undies with the new U by Kotex pad featuring 3D Capture Core. It’s a pad that’s different from any other out there because it’s got a one-of-a-kind center that locks away liquid to help stop leaks – which helps Save the Undies.

U By Kotex pads comes in 3 varieties:


U by KotexCleanWear Pads – Regular Absorbency


U by KotexCleanWearPads – Heavy Flow Absorbency


U by KotexAllNighterOvernight Pads – Overnight Absorbency

Interested in trying out U by Kotex pads with 3D Capture Core? Click HERE for your FREE SAMPLE!

Thanks Kotex for sponsoring today’s story and showing me how to #savetheundies.