A new EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition PopSugar Must Have Box is on sale!

PopSugar has teamed up with Neiman Marcus and for $250 (ekkkkk!) you will receive 8 items, including items from Jonathan Adler and Le Métier de Beauté, that total up to $600. They did offer a sneak pick of one of the items that will be included:

Chevron-Patterned Knit Throw


This throw retails for $195 on the Neiman Marcus website so that means you will get 7 other items that have a combined value of $405. Eh… The thought of that is just not promising and there were no other sneak peeks given.

So ladies… tell  me what you think about this box.

Are you IN or OUT?

Unfortunately, I’m out. I just can’t justify spending $250 + tax on this box but I do look forward to seeing what it includes 🙂

To purchase your Popsugar + Neiman Marcus Must Have Box click HERE.

I’m sure some of you remember me raving about the Fall Style Must Have Special Edition box a while back and how excited I was about the sneak peek of the Rachel Zoe ring. Well… it has arrived!


Here are the goodies included in the Special Edition Box.



Cynthia Vincent Class Shopper Bag in Leopard – Retail $85

Rachel Zoe Gold Knot Ring – Retail $75


Library of Flowers Bubble Bath – Retail $36

Christian Lacroix Papier Notebook – Retail $14

Beurre & Sel Rosemary Parmesan Cookies – Retail $10




Goldfaden MD Doxtor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator – Retail $75

Stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette – Retail $45

Ok – well, I have mixed feelings about this box. I paid a little over $100 for it and the retail value varies between $275-$330 since I found a few things on sale.

The issue I have is I purchased this box because of the title:

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Fall STYLE Box

I feel like it was a little misleading. I purchased this box in hopes that I would get a cool scarf, some accessories or a clutch (hence the name Fall Style) – not bubble bath and cookies. Regardless I absolutely love PopSugar and they always have some great finds. Not all boxes that come out will fit everyone’s taste. I adore My Rachel Zoe Gold Knot Ring and I am crazy in loveee with the Stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette. The colors are long-lasting and bold. The microderm exfoliators was a great addition to the box and I ended up gifting this product to my mother because she is really into exfoliators. Also, while I love everything Cynthia Vincent – I  wouldn’t spend $85 for her Classic Shopper but I’m glad it was put in the box and it will definitely get some use 🙂

Did you get this special edition box? If so, what were your feelings on it?

I stopped receiving my monthly Beauty Boxes about 4 months ago. I figured to take a break from them since I had just purchased a home and for all my fellow Beauty Box lovers, you know these things can get expensive. I’ve seen some of the products that have come in recent boxes while browsing through other blogs and I wasn’t that impressed so I didn’t feel like I was missing out… until I checked out the Pop Sugar blog! I am so in love with last month’s Must Have Box and I’m so sad I missed out on those goodies. I was just about to exit the website when I saw that the Special Edition Fall Style Box was being offered.

R Zoe

This sneak peek was all I needed to place my order! Featured in this special edition box is the Rachel Zoe Fall 2013 Collection Knot Ring which retails at $75. I love Rachel Zoe anything and this ring is no exception. This box will be shipping in September and I cannot wait to receive it so I can do a full review on it.

 Click HERE to treat yourself and order your Fall Style Box today for $100. This special edition box is said to have Sugar Pops editors picks for Fall worth over $300!


I loved this month’s box!

Must Have Fashion: Spa Wrap in White by Brokedown

Must Have Fashion: Purple Thong by Hanky Panky

Must Have Food: Mariebelle New York’s Trésor Box

Must Have Beauty: Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain by Revlon

Must Gave Entertainment: Safe Haven Book & Song Download

Must Have Home: Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleanse

Special Extra: Conversation Hearts Candy


Here’s a breakdown of this month’s goodies!


I’m more of a romantic- comedy type of girl but I’ve heard GREAT things about this film and I am one of those people who feel like the book is usual better than the movie so I’m happy I received this. Plus, you can always use a good new read.


I’m all about costume jewelry, so I rarely find myself needing a cleanser for my items but when they need a touch up – stuff like this makes them shine like new!


Underwear & Lipgloss…. 2 of my favorite things.

I love the material of the Hanky Panky undies and Revlon’s Just Bitten has amazing pigment – if you haven’t tried it…. I suggest you do.


I have a big sweet tooth so I always appreciate any sweets or candy that is included in the box. The Trésor Box pearls can be eaten right from the box or add them as a topping to your favorite ice cream for a special treat.


This was my favorite item in the box and it’s launching was exclusively in the POPSUGAR February Must Have Box . The wrap is SO soft and it’s perfect to throw on while getting ready for the day or night. Retailing at $84 it is a little pricey but use code: MustHave30 on their website for 30% off your purchase.

Click HERE to sign up for your monthly POPSUGAR box

& use code: Refer5 for $5 off your first month 🙂

I was recently introduced to JewelMint through my monthly PopSugar subscription when I received a free credit. JewelMint is a collaboration between Kate Bosworth and celeb stylist Cher Coulter that brings you affordable but fashionable jewelry. It is a monthly subscription website which is $29.99 a month and provides you with personalized pieces to match your style based on your style profile results. You always have the option to “skip the month” and you can shop from all collections instead of just your Showroom.

1 credit = $29.99


With my credit I was lucky enough to score The Essential Mystery Box! I’m not too sure how often this particular option is offered but I have heard from other subscribers that it is once a month. The Mystery Box comes with at least 4 pieces of jewelry + a bonus savings that will arrive via e-mail towards the end of the month while some boxes can contain up to 10 pieces. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky ones who received more than 4 pieces.



What I received:


This bracelet was a very pretty coral red color and was lightweight yet sturdy which is a plus! The design also makes this piece very versatile.


These earrings do not photograph well but they are fabulous and will go great with evening wear for a special occasion or a night out on the town.


This is not a piece I would have ultimately picked out from a website but I am super in love with it! Being able to hold it and try it on shows the dimension of it and all the details and it is  a bold statement piece.


ehhh – The box could have done without this item. It is not my style at all and I just am not a fan of denim jewelry especially when it is matched with a large bronzed heart with a cactus in the middle. This reminded me of a Western and maybe being from NJ I just don’t appreciate the design but I’m sure others will love it, which is why it will be included in one of my next Giveaways.

Overall, I am very happy with the JewelMint Mystery Box. I do wish it included a ring since that is the type of jewelry I wear most. Even though I did not have to pay for this one since I had the credit, it is worth the $29.99 and I definitely will be interested in the next one they offer. I basically got 3 pieces that I can put to use and they normally would go for $29.99 each on JewelMint. I do have to say that the pieces on the website are fabulous and a lot of them are unique but I don’t see myself paying $29.99 for just 1.

Want to try out JewelMint? Click HERE