I have really been loving the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure collection. I have yet to find another polish that applies so smoothly and last as long as these.

Main Polish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color, Trouble Maker

Accent Polish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color, I Lilac You


For this weeks manicure I also used my dotting tool. I really love incorporating it with my weekly manicures because it’s SO easy to use and can turn a plain manicure into something more creative. THIS is the dotting tool I own.

Here is the finished look:




While scrolling through my I-phone camera roll, I realized I never posted pictures of 1st (not very good) attempt at an Aztec accent nail. Even though it really isn’t that great, I wanted to share with you guys the steps I took. When I finished I realized all the things I could have done to make this look work better and definitely will be trying it out again in the near future.

First I painted 2 coats of white polish on my nails. The reason for the white first is because the main color I decided to use was yellow and it is not very bright and the white acts like a base for the yellow polish to really pop. Once dry, I applied 2 coats of my Sinful Yellow.


I ran out of nail strip tape so I had to use regular scotch tape. I see a lot of other bloggers use scotch tape all the time and I don’t know how – I hated it! I guess once you use the nail strips you can’t go back 🙂 I cut out a triangle and positioned it to my liking on the ring finger. I then painted over my whole nail with two coats of my Sally Hansen pink.


I then removed the tape once the nail was dry and added a diagonal accent to my pointer finger using the tape again and painted two coats of the Sally Hansen polish. I also did a French tip on my ring finger of grey.


Here is the finished look:


Ehhhh…. not my best at all but not a terrible 1st attempt. I will try again with less bright colors and stick to more bold lines using my nail polish art bottles. I assume that will give the Aztec print cleaner lines.

What do you think?

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For this weeks manicure I wanted something simple but chic.

I decided to go with one of my favorite reds and add a ring finger accent.

Main Polish: Main Polish: Sephora by O.P.I in And a Cherry on Top

Accent Design: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Misbehaved





I absolutely LOVE this red! It is such a pure color where as a lot of other reds have orange tones in them. I also am a big fan of the Sally Hanson Real Nail Polish Strips. They turn the most simple manicure into something fabulous. I love the fishnet stocking look of Misbehaved. Click HERE to see all the patterns they offer for these Polish Strips.

Here are the products I used to achieve this weeks manicure:


Base Coat: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener

Main Polish: Sephora By O.P.I in Mermaid To Order

Accent Polish: Sephora By O.P.I in Only Gold For Me

Top Coat: Seche Vite Dry Fast

I started off with one coat of the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener. I then used my “Perfect Tips” strip by Nailene and placed it across both ring fingers and applied 2 coats of the main polish.


Once dry to the touch, I gently peel the sticker off and applied a coat of my accent polish in the clear space.


I then apply two coats of the main polish to the remaining nails. I then apply one to two coats of the accent polish to my pointer finger. I finish by applying one coat of the fast dry top coat to all nails.

Finished Look:




It’s been a while since I’ve posted my nail of the week!

Here ya go…


Main Polish: Sephora by O.P.I in And a Cherry on Top

Accent Polish: Sinful Colors in Frenzy

Accent Polish: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme in Strobe Lights

I did two coats in “And a Cherry on Top” and added an accent on my ring finger with a coat of each glitter polish.