As an (unofficial) certified wino, I love discovering & trying out new brands. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Stack Wines through NYC’s BeautyCon this past May. I remember walking up to the bar and seeing what first appeared to be a tall, thin bottle of wine. But I was wrong – what really was under that packaging was 4 individually packaged STACKED wines.


I instantly ordered one (obviously) and when the bartender popped a straw into it – I almost fainted. I’ve never seen portable, individual wine before but I was hooked. I got to try all 4 types of wine they offer and each one was so flavorful and delicious in its own way.




             RED BLEND                        PINOT GRIGIO


Stack Wines is a set of four 187-ml stemless cups that are individually sealed and stacked on top of one another.

One of my biggest wine pet peeves is having to open a bottle of wine for just 1 glass. Then the rest of the bottle sits in the fridge and when you pour yourself another glass the following week the taste is totally different. The crispness & freshness is GONE.

Stack Wines eliminates that issue.  They are perfect for your trips to the beach and camping or to just keep in your fridge and snap one off to enjoy at anytime.

Here are some snap shots of Stack Wines on the go:


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Click HERE to locate Stack Wines in your area!

….& don’t forget to keep in an eye out for Xo, G. Stack Wines has partnered with Giuliana Rancic to create her new wine brand.


Stay tuned to my upcoming Wedding Series to see a collaboration I did with Stack Wines!